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Board Rules
· Welcome to The Trench Line Forums Use of This Site Please note that participation in The Trench Line is based on the sole discretion of its operators. Any and all newcomers are welcome to join in as long as they abide by the guidelines below. Posting Rules Before posting, please take a moment and familiarize yourself with these common sense rules of posting: Do not post on this site using language or a tone of voice that is different than the language or tone of voice you'd use if the person you're communicating with were sitting right in front of you. That means: ·Don't call them stupid, ignorant, or in any way question their ability to differentiate between fact and fantasy. ·Do not make fun of members - regardless of how ridiculous they might seem. ·Always respect their opinions and their right to have those opinions. ·Do not use foul language of any kind - remember there are minors here too. ·Never post in anger. If you think someone's slamming you, reread what he or she have said and make sure you fully understand his or her meaning. ·Do not make purely argumentative or confrontational posts. If all you want is a fight, take it somewhere else. ·Do not chime in to back up your buddies - hunting in packs is not allowed here. ·If you are coming from another forum, welcome aboard, but please leave any baggage or hard feelings over there. ·Under absolutely no circumstances should a member ask, tell or suggest that another member should leave the forum - violators of this rule will receive a seven- day suspension. In order to maintain an atmosphere where everyone is always comfortable saying what they think and expressing opinions that others may not agree with, the moderating staff will not hesitate to lock a thread, delete a topic, or warn a member. However, also note that the moderation style of the site is to allow more conversation rather than to restrict conversation. This means that on occasion the tone of a particular thread will exceed the boundaries described here. It is the policy of The Trench Line Forums to allow threads and members to work out their issues without excessive use of moderation. Member Warnings If you feel a member has crossed a line in their posting, please send a moderator either a private message or use the 'Report this Post' button found on every post. After review, we may, at our discretion, take action against the offending member. Action may also be taken against a member, absent any other member's complaint. Following is the typical course of action using the board's member warning feature, though we reserve the right to deal with a member in any way we feel appropriate: Warn level 25%: No action other than being warned. Warn level 50%: All posts by warned member will be reviewed by moderators for seven days from warning prior to being published. Warn level 75%: Warned member is suspended from posting in any way for 30 days from warning. Warn level 100%: Member is permanently banned from posting. Remember that only you or a moderator can see your warning level. By default, all users start with a warning level of zero. Out of Bound Topics We have tried to create a discussion board in which people in or out of any organization are free to come here and express their opinions about reenacting WW1. There is no 'party line' here and disagreeing with those who run the site is perfectly acceptable (and downright encouraged). However, we have had to institute a policy that forbids topics of a political or religious nature. These discussions often devolve past the point of usefulness and actually erode the effectiveness of the entire site. If you wish to discuss these topics there are many good forums on the web that can better fulfill your needs than TTL. Threads that we find to be too political or religious will be closed and possibly moved from public view. Spam- Any post for non-WW1 related items for sell will be removed without notice. The poster will received a warning or will be banned from the forum. Spam includes, but is not limited too, advertisements for stocks, sex related products, ect. Family Friendly Please note that while TTL aims to be 'family friendly', there are hundreds of adults posting here - it is not possible for the moderators to read and edit every post, which means that some foul language is inevitable. With that in mind, this forum now has a 'PG13' rating - do not let your children read or post in this forum unless you are happy with its content - the onus is on you. Please do not post pictures or links of an adult or objectionable nature either on the forum or in the chat room. Also please keep the conversation away from topics that most would consider obscene or objectionable. We will, at our discretion, close or move from public view any posts or threads that we find to have exceeded these boundaries. In addition, the member responsible may be subject to loss of posting privileges as explained above. Chat Room All guidelines that apply to the larger site also apply to the chat room. Conversations in the chatroom are logged daily. Do not say anything in the chatroom you would not say on the forum. Posting of Events, Advertisements, and Links Posting of WW1 events, advertisements for WW1 merchants, unit homepages, (including hyperlinks to other websites) are allowed, but may be removed at anytime by the moderating team. Banned Members/Trolls Banned members who are found to have reregistered in an attempt to post will be banned again. In addition, if they continue with this activity, they will be reported to their ISP and, if necessary, any appropriate governmental or law enforcement entity. The board has many tools that allow administrators to identify those who abuse the site. Please do not engage or provoke those you believe are banned members or trolls. Contact a moderator via PM or by reporting the post if you suspect a banned member is using the site or it you find someone's posting to be of the troll variety. Deletion/Modification of Member Content It is the policy of The Trench Line Forums not to alter or delete any posts, except as defined in these guidelines. We will, on occasion and at our discretion, modify or remove from public view posts based on the request of a member. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis and the modifications will, whenever practical, be noted by a board moderator. We also reserve the right to edit posts so that they comply with these guidelines or to correct structural issues with the post (i.e., quote tags). If a post is edited in any significant way, there will be a notation on that post indicating who changed it and when. If you have any questions regarding the modification of one of your posts, please take it up with the moderator in question via a personal message or email. Note that members have the ability to edit their own posts for 90 minutes following their publication. Participation of this forum is on the understanding that YOU are responsible for the material you post - It is your responsibility to ensure that it is accurate, and is not libelous. If you believe that you have been the subject of a post or posts that are libelous, you must bring this to the attention of the moderators via PM or email. You will be expected to provide proof that you have been libeled, which means that the onus is on YOU to prove that what has been said is false. Once this has been done, the moderator team will address the post(s) in question. Harassment of Other Members Anyone found to be harassing members of this site based on information about that member found on this site will be dealt with to to fullest extend possible, including reporting harassers to their ISP(s) and, if necessary, any appropriate governmental or law enforcement entities. Members are encouraged not to ever post any personably identifiable information in the forum (email, phone number, address, etc.). If you wish to exchange personal information with another member, do so only after you have gained a certain amount of trust in that person and use the personal message feature of the site or email. In addition, members are not allowed to post previously unpublished personably identifiable information about anyone, whether or not they are members of this forum. Account deletion/deactivation For numerous reasons, requests to delete or 'close' a member account will not be honored. Once you have made the decision to become a member and post, your contribution will be part of the forum for as long as there is a forum. Note that your participation in this group is totally voluntary. We appreciate your participation, but if at some point in the future you decide you no longer wish to be an active member, all you have to do is log out and never visit the site again. Copyright and use of Trench Line Forums material One of the primary purposes of the TTL is the dissemination of knowledge and understanding regarding the Great War and reenacting the era. By posting on this forum, you understand and agree that all original content created here by you is not protected by copyright and is subject to public fair usage. Polls Any member of the forum has the ability to start a new poll, however prolific posting of polls can be rather tiresome. So, only start a new poll if you have already: a) Searched the board to see if there has previously been a similar poll - it may be that there is already a current poll you can contribute to. b ) Asked yourself whether this poll will really contribute to the board. c) Sat down and thought seriously about the poll options - talk to some friends about it via PM if necessary. d) asked yourself whether you have already posted too many polls. Only then, should you start the new poll. Signatures Member signatures are allowed at the discretion of the moderating team - you should ensure that your signature is not too long or contain excessive graphics - not everyone has broadband! A moderator may remove the content of signatures without warning if it is found to be inappropriate or excessive. Feedback We encourage and value the feedback and opinions of our members. Please feel free to contact any forum administrator or moderator if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the site.