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The Basic Rules Follow these basic rules along with the Terms of Use and you should have no problem at Real Emotion.
Being specific and detailed Help us help you by posting as much information as possible prior to the topic. General Anti Social Behavior Members who, in general, tend to be disruptive associating with constant series of arguments, flaming, anti-Real Emotion, ect. will be warned and if demeanor persists, will be banned. Duplicate Topics and Double Posting Please search the forum before starting a new topic because chances are that a related topic exists already. Anyone purposely double post or make a new topic twice will be warned. If you accidentally double posted, PM a staff member to delete it. SPAM: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages Please do not spam our forums. Our Moderators will give out a warning the first time, but if it happens again user will be suspended or banned. Spamming includes: ---Posting any kinds of link that refers to you are called "Self Promotion" - i.e - xanga/myspace/forums. ---Double Posting, for any reason, you will be warned. ---Getting off topic No advertising We will not tolerate any self promotion/promotion of others. Racist and Hateful Messages (Flaming) We will not tolerate hateful messages. Any extreme profanity or bashing displayed in public will receive a warning or suspension depending on the situation. If any arguments spark between two members please take it to private messaging or both will be suspended for 3 days without any further discussion. Disturbing and inappropriate images We will not tolerate such images; This include pornography, extremely violent images, Hentai, drug related ect. Try to keep the forum clean. Spamming Via Private Message System Sending advertisement throughout the Private Message System, is not allowed. We do monitor the Private Message too see if this rule is followed. If we catch anybody sending advertisements to our members, or if it gets reported, your ip gets banned without further notice, and forever. NO WARNING WILL BE GIVEN and you will be banned, also your hosting provider will be contacted! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Signatures Sig's should be the most 500x200 px wide for a banner. The whole signature is no bigger than 500x250px including text. Posting Images Pictures in a post cannot exceed 600px in width because it stretches the forum. Contacting the Staff Do not contact the administrators and moderators by Email or Private Messaging with irrelevant questions not pertaining to the forum UNLESS they have told you to do so! Uninvited private messages and privately addressed questions will be IGNORED or get you SUSPENDED! *We try to help as much as we can. Time is not free and any help we give is purely voluntary.